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Winter Hair Care Tips

1. Winter is not the time for damp hair. LCO at night to avoid it being damp from your leave-in conditioner when you leave the house.

2. Coconut oil will quickly turn solid in the cold temperatures, even in your hair. Ditch the coconut oil and try another fatty oil like Avocado, Olive Oil, or even better our Gold Oil. The Gold Oil is a great blend of exotic, lavish oils that penetrate the hair strand to strengthen, and moisturize like a champ!

3. Do not expose your hair to extreme temperature changes. You know how a glass will break if you take it from frozen, to hot too fast? Well, hair can have adverse reactions to the rapid, drastic temperature changes too. The water molecules in the hair will swell and contract with temperature changes causing breakage in the strand.

4. Wear satin lined hats to reduce the damage caused by friction, and to protect your hair from extreme temperatures.

4. Deep condition, deep condition, deep condition. Do what? DEEP CONDITION! Your hair will get thirsty in the dry heated air inside the house. Your hair will feel stressed from the freezing cold outside. So to help it get the boost it needs, give it a good deep conditioning treatment every two weeks. Go a step above and add in a good steam treatment too!

5. Avoid the humectants! I know that seems counterintuitive because they draw in the moisture usually, but during the winter it dries the hair out. I think the air is dryer in the winter and the humectants try to pull the moisture from the hair (the most moisturized between the two, in this instance) into the air ( the least moisturized between the two).

6. Trim the ends. The ends take a beating during the winter. Trim them a little or quite a bit to keep the damage from spreading.

7. Seal the ends. Once the damage is gone, prevent more damage by taking the time to apply extra butters or oils just to the ends. Try to do protective styles that hide the ends in either the style or a headdress like a scarf or hat.

8. Eat a healthy diet. Your hair can't grow strong and healthy without the nutrients it needs.

A beautiful image of improper winter hair care lol.


Nicole Goodwin
Nicole Goodwin
Dec 14, 2019

Thank you for the tips! What are humectants?

Replying to

Humectants are ingredients commonly used in hair care products to attract moisture from the air and bind it to the hair shaft, helping to keep hair hydrated and moisturized. In the winter, when the air tends to be drier, humectants can be particularly beneficial for combating dryness and preventing issues like breakage and frizz.

Some common humectants used in hair care include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, honey, panthenol, and propylene glycol.

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