Pre-Poo Like A Boss

What the heck is "Pre-Poo", Kanisha?

-Pre-Poo is the treatment you apply to the hair before your shampoo.

But would I want to do that? Shampoo day is long enough!

- Pre-Poo helps add much needed moisture, prevents too clean or totally stripped hair, helps detangle, and adds softness and shine.

Well, what can I use?



-Your favorite oil or butter


-Fresh aloe vera gel



How do I do this Pre-Poo Thing?

1. Section the hair into about 4-8 sections depending on the length and thickness.

2. Coat the section well in the pre-poo of your choice.

3. Detangle with your fingers

4. Cover with a plastic cap for 15-30 minutes.

5. Rinse

6. Shampoo as usual

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