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5 Reasons Why Black Hair Rocks

Recently, more black people have started embracing their natural black hair and this is a very good thing because black hair rocks! One amazing fact about black hair is the versatility that comes with it; black hair differs in texture, feel, and appearance. Every black woman should be proud of her head of hair because there is an abundance of ways to style your hair. Celebrities are not left behind with this development as many of them, such as Yara Shahidi, Taraji P. Henson, Alicia Keys, and a host of others have started to grace the red carpets with their natural hair. The fact that these influential black women are embracing their natural black hair is a good reason for you to do so as well. There are a number of reasons why black hair rocks and they are outlined below.

• Black Hair Has Historical Value

Embracing your black hair equals embracing your black culture and history. There is deep historical value associated with black hair and embracing it makes you connected to your roots in more ways than one. Every black person wants to have an ancestral connection to something with deep history and this is a good way to start. When you embrace your black hair, you elevate yourself as well as the next black person. All black hair and styles have history behind it.

• Black Hair Is Unique

Black hair is in actual fact very unique in terms of texture, feel, and appearance. Black people have type 4 hair which is further divided into type 4a, type 4b, and type 4c hair. One of the unique features of black hair is the fact that one person can have two different type 4 textures on his or her head. It is also very important to note that not all types of black hair are the same, so you have to identify the unique texture of hair that you have.

• Black Hair Is Versatile

With black hair, there is an abundance of styles to choose from. This includes cornrows, locks, braids, up-dos, twist out, tapered cut; the list is nearly endless. With black hair, you can essentially have a new look every day or every week depending on what suits your fancy. There have been a number of witty jokes associated with black hair that talk about the fact that if your boyfriend wants to see new people, you just have to change your hairstyle and voila! You are a new person!

• Black Hair Is Gorgeous

The gorgeousness that is black hair cannot be overemphasized. Black hair is healthy and contrary to popular beliefs, very easy to maintain. Letting your gorgeous hair down once in a while is a wonderful way to relax and be free. Black hair rocks because regardless of the manipulation that it endures, it still comes out perfect.

• Black Hair Has Cultural Meaning

When you embrace your black hair, you are elevating the entire black culture. This should not put undue pressure on you, rather it should tell you how important your black hair is. Doing this is your way of telling the next black person that it is okay to be black; it is also your way of passing down cultural values to the next generation.

Black hair isn’t only about the hair; it is a movement and a culture with deep historical value!

Embracing your black hair in ways that appeal to you is an important step to Spreading the the news that black hair rocks far and wide for all to hear.


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