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Brand Ambassador Search 

Apply Until May 24th; Voting May 26th- June 3rd; Winners announced June 7th  

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Tutus & Tennis Shoes' Brand Ambassador Competition! Please fill out the following form for each child you are entering into the competition. The application fee is $10 per entry. The cost of entry helps provide hair care materials to A Suitecase & A Dream! 

Entry Submission:

  1. Required Photo Entry: Please upload a high-resolution photo of your child. This image will be used for advertising purposes and during the voting process.

  2. Optional Video Entry (Highly Recommended, but Not Required): If you'd like, you can also upload a 30-90 second video of your child. This video can be used for a video interview, to showcase your child's talents, or to express why they should be chosen as a Brand Ambassador. This is a great opportunity to showcase creativity!

Privacy Note: Rest assured that none of the contact information provided will be displayed publicly or sold to third parties. Only the child's first name and last initial may be used publicly in association with their photo or video entry.

By affixing your electronic signature and submitting this form, you are hereby confirming your voluntary agreement to adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines governing the competition. By entering into this agreement, you expressly acknowledge and agree that no expectation of financial remuneration or any additional consideration beyond the benefits explicitly enumerated in the competition documentation is warranted or implied. Moreover, you are granting irrevocable permission for the utilization of any associated imagery for promotional and marketing purposes, including but not limited to indefinite use as deemed appropriate by the organization.


Thank you for participating in the first Tutus & Tennis Shoes Brand Ambassador Competition!

We can't wait to see your child shine!

Official Entry Image
Additional Video Content

Thanks for participating!

Contest FAQ'S

What is the age range for participating children?

 0-22 years old 

Do you accept submissions from outside the United States?

Yes! Please submit from where ever you are!

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who represents and promotes a brand, embodying its values and mission to engage and connect with the target audience.

Are there any specific hair requirements for the photos?

Yes. The hair should be natural,  healthy, and well styled. It can be free or in a fro, but it must be moisturized, and free of any debris. It can be in a protective style without extensions. 

What does the winner receive?

  • Picture on product labels & promo materials for one year.

  • Freebies

  • Customized prizes curated by Kanisha 

  • Features on Tutu's social media 

  • Free exclusive one on ones with Tutus staff

  • Exclusive discount code for your friends and family 

Who will be able to vote?

Voting will be open to the general public through social media  posts we  encourage to be shared, and then voting will be completed here on Tutu's site through an  automated and fair process. 

Tutus Expectations 

As the Tutus Brand Ambassador  you will be expected to:

  • Have public social media accounts.

  • Provide 10 clean + clutter free photos or unedited videos  a month in appropriate attire via email. 

  • Share 3 authentic creative posts or reels each month highlighting our products (We provided for free).

  • Share your friends and family discount code in profile & tagged posts.

Will there be prizes for runners up? 

  • YES!!!  We will send out  digital gifts to all participants.

  • Runner ups, will receive public  acknowledgment and a gift in the mail. 

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