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~Prepare your child by having many conversations about what the salon may be like.

~Plan your appointment during the part of the day when they are feeling their best. Do not plan the Princess’ hair appointment during nap time.

~On average, an appointment for natural styling will take around 2 hours. The more they cooperate the closer to 2 hours or less, it is.

~Bring snacks, books, toys, tablet, weighted blankets or whatever will help your child cope with the new experience.

~Come with hair detangled as much as possible. The easiest way to manage this is to comb out with a leave-in and put in large twist or braids (3-4 should be sufficient).

~If you have not chosen an appointment that includes a shampoo service, please come with hair that has been cleansed and detangled.

~Prepare yourself to sit, or to run errands during your daughter’s hair appointment.

~Book your other children’s haircuts with the barbers of Lux210 during the same time frame as her appointment. All hair types are welcome.

~If a child is not being serviced, please consider not bringing them to the salon because space is limited.


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Hair Care Coach

Tututs & Tennis Shoes is a Hair Care Education Company that specializes in teaching white adoptive parents how to care for their Black children's hair.

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Kanisha is the Hair Care Coach you have been looking for, specializing in teaching white adoptive parents how to care for Black children's hair.

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