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Temp Tatt Mer Pack

Temp Tatt Mer Pack


Embrace the Ocean's Magic

Dive into a world where the ocean's magic meets inclusive beauty with our Mermaid Magic Temporary Tattoo Pack from Tutus & Tennis Shoes. Each tattoo in this collection features a diverse array of mermaids, each uniquely designed with coily, wavy, curly, and kinky hair, celebrating the beauty of all hair types beneath the sea. We've also included mermaids with alopecia, showcasing the strength and grace of those who navigate the waters with or without hair. With vibrant colors and intricate designs, these temporary tattoos bring to life the enchanting undersea realms and the diverse beauty of those who inhabit them. Perfect for parties, playdates, or just a day full of imagination, these tattoos are easy to apply, safe for all skin types, and a beautiful way to celebrate diversity and the magic of the ocean.


You will recieve 8 temporary tatoos in each pack you order. 

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