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Temp Tatt Mer Pack

Temp Tatt Mer Pack


Embrace the Ocean's Magic

Dive into a world where the ocean's magic meets inclusive beauty with our Mermaid Magic Temporary Tattoo Pack from Tutus & Tennis Shoes. Each tattoo in this collection features a diverse array of mermaids, each uniquely designed with coily, wavy, curly, and kinky hair, celebrating the beauty of all hair types beneath the sea. We've also included mermaids with alopecia, showcasing the strength and grace of those who navigate the waters with or without hair. With vibrant colors and intricate designs, these temporary tattoos bring to life the enchanting undersea realms and the diverse beauty of those who inhabit them. Perfect for parties, playdates, or just a day full of imagination, these tattoos are easy to apply, safe for all skin types, and a beautiful way to celebrate diversity and the magic of the ocean.


You will recieve 8 temporary tatoos in each pack you order. 

  • For Best Results

    1. **Prepare Your Skin:** Before applying the temporary tattoos, ensure that your skin is clean, dry, and free from any oils, lotions, or makeup. This step is crucial for the tattoo to adhere properly and last longer.

    2. **Cut Out Individual Tattoos:** Carefully cut out the desired tattoo from the sheet, leaving some space around the edges to make the application process easier.

    3. **Peel Off the Clear Film:** Gently peel off the clear protective film covering the tattoo design. Be cautious not to touch the sticky surface underneath to avoid any smudging or distortion of the design.

    4. **Place the Tattoo:** Position the tattoo face down onto the desired area of your skin. Ensure that the skin is flat and not stretched to prevent any creases or misalignment of the design.

    5. **Apply Pressure and Dampen:** Using a damp cloth or sponge, apply firm pressure over the tattoo for about 30 seconds. Ensure that the entire tattoo is thoroughly moistened to allow the transfer process to occur smoothly.

    6. **Peel Off Carefully:** Slowly and carefully peel off the paper backing from the tattoo. If you notice any areas where the design hasn't fully transferred, gently press the paper back down and repeat the dampening process.

    7. **Allow to Dry:** Once the paper backing is removed, allow the tattoo to air dry completely before touching or covering it with clothing. Avoid excessive movement or rubbing during this time to ensure the tattoo sets properly.

    8. **Avoid Oily Areas:** If you have naturally oily skin or plan to apply the tattoo to an area prone to oiliness, such as the forehead or T-zone, take extra precautions. Before applying the tattoo, cleanse the area thoroughly and use a gentle toner to remove any excess oil. Additionally, consider lightly dusting the area with translucent powder to create a matte surface, which can help the tattoo adhere better and last longer on oily skin.

    By following these steps and taking special care with oily skin, you can achieve the best results with your temporary tattoos, ensuring vibrant designs that stand out with brilliance and charm.

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