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From Our Heart To Hers

From Our Heart To Hers

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Introducing 'From Our Heart To Hers,' a cozy, one-of-a-kind journal that's all about bringing families closer through the joy of writing. Imagine sitting down each day to share love notes with your daughter, watching as she pens her thoughts and feelings right back to you. This journal is packed with empowering affirmations and conversation starters, making it a breeze for your family to dive into meaningful chats and tackle even the tough topics together. 


Every week, you'll find a special spot to plan fun family activities, creating moments of togetherness and laughter. Your daughter gets her own space too, for daily reflections that help her express herself and navigate her emotions. Plus, there are calming coloring pages sprinkled throughout, adding a splash of creativity to your family bonding time.


More than just a way to chat, 'From Our Heart To Hers' is a treasure chest of your family's love and memories, especially crafted for Black daughters. It's your go-to for building trust, intimacy, and a collection of moments you'll all cherish forever. Get ready to fill each page with love, laughter, and the magic of growing closer, one word at a time.



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