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The Big Chop

I did it! I cut all my hair off to a low tapered fade. I absolutely love it!! I have been receiving a lot of compliments too. I decided to do the Big Chop to start to celebrate the arrival of the product line with a fresh slate, and to be able to demonstrate for you all proper hair care without any false expectations.

Friday, February 8th 2019 was my day. I literally took off the last bit of what was left of last year, and left it on the floor of the salon. My hair had been affected by stress, neglect, heat damage and a bit of chemical damage from the color. I obviously know all the right things to do, but just had not been consistent in doing so. I was surprise my hair had held on and retained the length that it had. To prep for the big day I shampooed my hair and that was it. Yep, I didn't condition it. I didn't comb it. It just was, what it was. It was a big mess!

Friday was a busy day in the salon as usual, and I probably should have been nervous to display this huge change in front of so many people, along with the people watching the live. Surprisingly, I wasn't. I was excited! I couldn't wait to release the past and step boldly into this present and future with everyone. I wanted to share my honest truth.

Did you catch the live of the great Big Chop Day? If not, take a look here:

Jarrae, also known as Keyz Tha Barber did a great job answering a slew of questions about getting your child's hair cut, your hair cut, the culture of the barber shop and salons, and what to look for in your future barber, all while cutting my hair. That is true talent! We really had a great conversation, and experience!

So what now? Well this little bit of fuzz that is left on my head is my future ends. Although I feel very liberated, I am still aware of the work I need to do. I still need to moisturize and protect my hair. Hopefully tomorrow the shipment of products will be here, and I can get started. I plan to LCO daily, maybe get a little fancy with my edges some days, shampoo weekly to bi-weekly, and wear my scarves and hats to protect it from too much friction or weather. I will visit the barber bi-weekly to keep the curved lines around the edges neat as it grows out.

Follow the process here or on the business Facebook Page.


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Hair Care Coach

Tututs & Tennis Shoes is a Hair Care Education Company that specializes in teaching white adoptive parents how to care for their Black children's hair.

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Kanisha is the Hair Care Coach you have been looking for, specializing in teaching white adoptive parents how to care for Black children's hair.

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