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Color & Learn: Strands of History

Color & Learn: Strands of History


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Discover the Rich Heritage of African Hairstyles: A Color and Learn 


Our Color and Learn packet invites children and families into the fascinating world of African hair culture, tracing its roots from Ancient Egypt to the intricate hair practices of Ancient Nigeria. This educational and interactive packet is expertly designed to offer a dive into the historical and cultural significance of African hairstyles, offering a unique blend of learning and creativity.


What You'll Learn:

- Historical Insights: Explore the evolution of hair care and styling from ancient civilizations, understanding the role of hairstyles in societal status, cultural identity, and traditional practices.

- Cultural Appreciation: Gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and richness of African heritage through detailed illustrations of traditional hairstyles, hair care practices, and the natural ingredients used in ancient times.

- Artistic Expression: Encourage creativity and artistic skills with beautifully crafted line art pages, ready for coloring. Each illustration is designed to be both engaging and informative, suitable for a wide age range.


Benefits for Families and Educators:

- Educational Resource: A perfect addition to homeschooling resources or classroom activities, offering a multidisciplinary approach to learning about history, culture, and art.

- Family Bonding: Spend quality time together as a family exploring different cultures and histories, fostering conversations about diversity, heritage, and respect for other traditions.

- Skill Development: Enhances fine motor skills, color recognition, and artistic talents, while also promoting mindfulness and relaxation through the act of coloring.


Key Features:

- Inclusive and Accessible: Designed with elementary-aged children in mind, these pages are detailed yet accessible, ensuring a rewarding experience for young learners and adults alike.

- High-Quality Illustrations: Each page features crisp, clear line art that highlights the beauty and intricacy of African hairstyles and cultural practices.



- Unique Educational Tool: Unlike any other coloring book, this packet offers a rare glimpse into the world of ancient African hair culture, making it a valuable educational tool.

- Ready for Classrooms and Homes: Whether you're an educator looking to diversify your teaching materials or a parent seeking enriching activities for your children, this packet is perfectly suited to meet your needs.

- Promotes Diversity and Inclusion: Helps children understand and celebrate cultural diversity from a young age, fostering a more inclusive and respectful worldview.



Dive into the vibrant world of African hair culture with our Color and Learn packet and watch as your children or students uncover the stories woven through each strand of history.

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