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Black Infant Hair Care Book

Black Infant Hair Care Book


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This is a great starting point for learning your Black infant’s hair care. After you finish this booklet you will know the how’s, why’s, and when’s of Black infant hair care. An easy and quick read with engaging pictures.


This is for you if: 

  • You are a new parent to a Black child 

  • You are planning to foster or adopt 

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the information on the internet and don’t know where to start.

  • You are short on time & need to get started right away.

  • You are a part of an organization that serves foster & adoptive families with infants.  

When you are done reading this you, will: 

  • Be more CONFIDENT in caring for your child’s hair from birth to toddler stages.

  • Be knowledgeable of healthy products & know when to use them.

  • Be able to implement your own healthy hair care routine. 

  • Know when & how to plan your first salon/barbershop visit.

And so much more!


The BEST part: 

  • You get to learn from a professional that has 15+ years of experience.

  • You can read at home & at your own pace.

  • You save time & money by taking the guesswork out of hair care. 

  • This book is helpful for ALL hair textures & genders.

  • You can be at any stage of learning Black hair care & still benefit from this booklet.


Ready to take the guesswork out of learning your infant's hair care? Get your copy of the beginner friendly Black Infant Hair Care booklet today and get started!


Disclaimer: You have 30 days from the day you purchase this E-book to dowload it. After 30 days, the link will not work. Non-refundable.



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