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By the fall of 2020 Tutus will be rolling out the Natural Hair Care Mentorship Program. Empowering the community is a huge goal of ours! So, we decided our product line and educational material could be used as an income source for families just like yours! You would have the tools to teach moms who are like you were when you didn't know how to care for your child's hair. You will be able to host classes for foster and adoption agencies to help their employees pass on simple techniques to new families. You will have products to use and to sell, saving you money and increasing your income. You will also have a local Cosmetologist to refer back to for additional support. No mentor will be left alone on this journey!

This will be the most comprehensive community enterprise to date! It will be ran by families, and cosmetologist working hand in hand to see a better future through hair care!

Sign up below to be apart of the first class of mentors!

Fall 2020 


High quality training and natural hair care education. 


Exclusive access to the product line, tools, and techniques, plus major discounts.


A support system and network of people ready to see you excel 


Additional income 

Mentor Perks
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