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What To Expect From a Class?


Detailed, but easy to understand and implement lessons of basic hair growth, techniques, and care. 


Hands on activities! We will practice hair care and styling techniques on mannequins. You will leave with new skills to try at home! 


Take home bags of products, tools, and goodies. 


3 months free access to a private online forum to continue learning within a supportive, and judgement free setting.  

Kate H.

Kanisha's class was really helpful and taught me tips/techniques that I never learned from all the books and blogs that I started out with. As a White adoptive parent, it's a big deal that I'm now confident taking care of my beautiful Black daughter's hair!

Nancy A.

I LOVED this class. Kanisha's videos were wonderful and so educational. It was a safe space to ask questions and get real answers without feeling judged. Kanisha always responded to questions and interacted with classmates. Best thing is a post-class page to continue our education through interaction with other classmates and even Kanisha herself.

Hope W.

This was an amazing experience and so helpful! Kanisha was so patient in explaining products to me and going over steps and helpful hints. Now to put all of this information to use and hopefully Miss S will sit still for a pair of minutes that I can practice on her! So thankful for the class and help!

"I have a boy. Is this class helpful to me?"

"My child is Bi-racial. Is this class helpful to me?"

"I have an infant. Is this class helpful to me?"


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