our crown care kits have been created to simplify getting started caring for natural hair. we provide the leave-in, cream, oil and tools along with a beginner guide and links to easy-to-follow videos. our mission is to make natural hair care accessible for anyone who needs a hand.

The Need Is Real

This news story is from one of our families who is using their journey to help transracial adoptive families understand the importance of natural hair care and to help get Crown Care Kit sponsors so we can give them to our partners to help their families.

Here is a quote from one of our partners, The Moses Closet, on their response to receiving their first Crown Care Kits

We received a kit today!!!! God's perfect timing, thank you so much!!! We cannot wait to bless one special girl with it!!


Our President cried when I facetimed her to unbox it for her, it is so special! We are preparing a post this coming week to share it on our page and promote! Thank you so much

- Jackie Castelan, The Moses Closet

The Network Effect

We have partnered with 10 (and counting) organizations who will give sponsored kits to their adoptive and foster families needing help with their natural hair care journey. The more sponsors we get, the more families we can help. That's the true definition of the network effect.

The L

A water based, ultra hydrating leave-in conditioner. It is full of cuticle smoothing, heat defending, frizz fighting and strand nourishing goodness. This powerhouse in a bottle is attracted to the part of the strands that need a little more TLC, but will not cause nasty build-up.

The C

An ultra rich combination of oils, butters, liquids and emulsifiers to hold it all together. There is no reason to have dry hair with this creamy treasure in your cabinet.

The O

A harmonious blend of the best oils like Avocado, Jojoba, Rice Bran, Almond, Olive and essential oils to nourish and seal in the great advantages of all three products.

The Tools

We include a detangling brush, a rat tail comb, a bristle boar brush and rubber bands. We also have a free video on how to do your first style so you know how to use everything!

The Results

Sponsor A Kit

Sponsor a kit on behalf of a family in need. We will work with one of our partners to find it a good home.

Purchase A Kit

If your own family could use some natural hair care help, you can buy a kit for yourself.

Become A Partner

If you have adoptive or foster families who could use help, we would love to work with you.

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