The Free 15

We hope that by reviewing the Getting Started Guide and receiving a Crown Care Kit you've been able to use The LCO method to moisturize and style your child's natural hair. If you haven't received a Crown Care Kit you can purchase one or work with your adoption or foster agency to become a partner

Like a well built house, a strong foundation sets the stage for a lifetime of memories. However, we know there will be additional questions along the way as you continue to learn, which is why we've created The Free 15. Join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm CST to learn tips and techniques about natural hair care. You will also have an opportunity to ask your questions so you can continue down the wonderful path you're already started.

Join Us For 15 Minutes
To Healthier Hair

What if I want more than the free 15?

We offer an online webinar that is a two week, in depth, interactive class. You will learn vital skills such as how to keep hair healthy, moisturized, strong, along with techniques for braiding, twisting, beading, and the best shampoo and conditioning methods. You will also learn basic product knowledge and tools usage. 

You get this master class quality webinar for the low price of $100!

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