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Thank you for celebrating Black History Month with us! 

Have Fun Learning With Us!

Hi, I'm Kanisha

Your Natural Hair Care Coach

Educator, Hair Care Hype-woman, Creative Entrepreneur, Mama and the one you can always count on to laugh the loudest.   


Looking back, it isn't surprising that the girl who couldn't resist doing intricate hairstyles would grow up to build a hair care empire.

I've been styling hair since I was a pre-teen and now, I'm teaching you all my secrets!



I gotcha covered.

Tutus & Tennis Shoes empowers transracial adoptive families by providing the products, tools and education needed to maintain healthy hair.

Tutus welcomes all families that are willing to see the beauty in the curls, and be open to learning together!

Hair Care Classes

You will become a natural hair care expert with our on-demand online classes.


Stock up on natural hair tools, products & accessories.

1 on 1 Coaching

Want more help?
Set up a video chat for personalized advice.

Take the kinks out of your mind, not her hair.

Level up your Hair Care

Rave Reviews

" My daughter's hair is growing and so much softer and easier to do now that I'm following the things Kanisha has taught me. Her hair is flourishing and I'm getting compliments on my skills. Kanisha is a great teacher, especially for us white parents of Black kids. I highly recommend Tutus & Tennis Shoes!"

-Katie K.

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